Services Offered

We currently offer the following services.


  •  Production Welding and Fabrication
  •  Welding services including MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW), and Stick (SMAW).
  •  Cast iron repair- We are now qualified to D11.2:1989(R2006) Guide For Welding Iron Castings
  •  Plasma cutting
  •  Material sales  
  • Serving the oil, gas, and drilling industries with fabricating anything from small tanks to full pump skids.
  • Structural Steel
  • Prototyping- We have full prototyping services including engineering services for all your custom part needs.
  • Welding positioner for pipe and tube welding. 
  • General repairs.
  • Certified to AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code- Steel
    • 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G Plate, 1/8" to unlimited thickness
    • 6G Pipe, 1" to unlimited diameter, unlimited thickness
  • Qualified to ASME IX
    • 6G 1" to unlimited diameter, unlimited thickness
  • Welder training, testing and certification.



5 ton overhead crane

6000# forklift 

250lb welding positioner

Fixture table

2 Hard Weld Purge Chambers

2 Flexible Weld Purge Chambers

Various Welders up to 400 amp capacity

Welder Training and Certification

Do you want to invest in yourself or your employees? Are you looking to step up your game and become a certified welder? Need your employees qualified for a job your looking at or that you secured? We can help! Superior currently offers on site training and certification that can be customized for your specific needs, along with our various programs. 

Welder Training

We currently offer training ranging from beginner classes to very advanced. All current classes and certification classes will be at your host facility. An example of our classes are:

  • Intro to TIG (GTAW) one day course (8 hours). We will start with the fundamentals of welding and general safety. Students will learn how to set machines for various materials, TIG torch set up including gas lens', tungsten applications and proper sharpening, how to hold torch at correct distance and proper filler metal feeding. General knowledge of welding is great but not necessarily needed for this class. 6 students per class max. Great for small shops or maintenance who need a general knowledge of TIG welding. $1000.00
  • Intro to TIG (GTAW) two day course (16 hours). Day one, students will start with the fundamentals of welding and general safety. Students will learn how to set machines for various materials, TIG torch set up including gas lens', tungsten applications and proper sharpening, how to hold torch at correct distance and proper filler metal feeding. We begin welding with autogeneous welding on copper and small practice plates. Once mastered we move on to autogeneous welding of lap welds. Filler will be introduced for students who master up to this point. Day two, lap welds with filler material, outside corner joints and tee joints. Small class welding project depending on skill level of students. 6 students max for two day course. $2,000.00
  • Into to MIG (GMAW). Two day course starting with the fundamentals of welding gradually moving up to a small MIG project. General knowledge of welding is prefered but not necessary. We will learn how to set up a MIG welder, adjust wire feed speed, volts and gas flow for the given materiel thickness/application, troubleshooting, etc. This class will mainly focus on short circuit MIG and will introduce you very quickly to spray transfer MIG. 6 students per class max. $2,000.00
  • Advanced TIG (GTAW). One day on site course. Knowledge of TIG welding in necessary. We will dive right into advanced settings (pulse, background current, AC balance, AC frequency, etc), learn how to weld thin materials such as Stainless Steel, Titanium and Aluminum, uses for chill blocks, back purging and its applications. $1,000.00
  • Intro to Stick (SMAW) One day on site course (8 hours). 
  • Weld Purge Chamber Welding. One day on site course (8 hours). Using one of our 36" inflatable or 36" hard weld purge chambers we teach students how to set up their welding chambers properly and show tricks on getting better weld results. We review proper material prep, chamber cleaning and set up, proper chamber filling practice, purge monitor use and troubleshoot based on various weld results inside chamber. We will provide stainless steel and titanium weld coupons for each student but it is always best for customer to provide sample weldments that will be welded on for best results from training. 3 students max per course. Argon gas provided depending on location. $1,500.00
  • Advanced Process Training. Hourly rate, unlimited students. Did you purchase a new welder but don't know how to use some of the more advanced features? Maybe pulse, pulse on pulse, CMT, RMD, STT has your employees baffled? Need help setting the machines up for your application? Looking for better results or a solution to a problem? We can help here as well. With our years of experience and knowedge of these processes we can come in and show your employees how to use these advanced features and maxamize on your new investment. 

Welder Certification/qualification

We offer on site welder certification and qualifications. This saves your company valuable time sending your employee out to get testing. General tests usually take around 4-8 hours to complete and the results are back to you in just days. We can help set up your procedure and you will be provided with your PQR and WPS where applicable. We can provide practice plates/pipe for each person as well as the final testing plates/pipe. Stands and filler materials can also be provided. We can also rent machines for the test(s). We commonly spend a day training welders on passing their specific tests. This is a valuable investment since tests can become quite expensive if failed, especially multiple times. We being in our own specimen bender for the practice coupons to verify the welder is ready to take their final test. Please contact us for your specific needs. 

$125.00/hr plus materials 4 hour min. including transport time. Hourly rate includes up to 6 welders being tested. 

Training to AWS D1.1, API 1104 and/or ASME. 

Contact us for more details.  

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